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Mission Statement

It is the goal of Delph & Jenkins North Ltd. to provide a professional level of service to both the public and private sector, while maintaining a high level of quality to ensure that our client’s needs are met. Company Policy ensures work is completed in the safest possible manner in order to protect our employees, the public, utilities and property from damage.  Work is scheduled such that the time and financial restraints of our clients are met, while not sacrificing quality or the public’s interest.

About us

Delph & Jenkins North Ltd.
since 1987

Delph & Jenkins North Ltd. was incorporated in 1987 and has provided survey services for both private and public sector clients throughout Ontario. The company operates out of Aurora, Ontario which allows for easy access to projects across southern Ontario. Each and every project is directly supervised by an Ontario Land Surveyor, and principal within the company.

The firm of Delph & Jenkins North Ltd. undertakes all aspects of assignments in the specialty of Legal Surveys, including but not limited to the retracement and re-establishment of existing boundaries, preparation of reference plans, expropriations plans, Land Registry office searches, PIN corrections and deposit/register integrated legal survey plans.  The firm is committed to providing a quality service while working within the time and cost constraints placed on any given project.


Surveyor’s Real Property Reports​

Most municipalities will require a Surveyor’s Real Property Report. This report measures your property dimensions including all building locations on and adjacent to your property. Final results are a legal properly dimensioned plan of your property.

Property Line Demarcation

Building a fence? Curious where your property lines are located? Have Delph & Jenkins North Ltd. mark out your property lines. Our survey crews will find your legal limits and mark the line with wooden stakes.

Construction Services

Experienced in a wide array of construction projects from building location, cut/fill, grading, calculations, and much more

Topographic Surveys

Relate your property with true geodetic elevations and contours with a topographic survey.

Reference Plans

Have your property registered with the region by creating a reference plan.


Have your project professionally monitored to detect sinking or movement.

Bathymetric Underwater Surveys

Map the bottom of your ponds, rivers and lakes with real time coordinates and elevations with our boat drone.

Aerial Drone Surveys

Have your property flown by our aerial drone to measure elevations, photograph and inspect your property.

Stockpile Inventory

Measure your stockpiles with us safely with proven accuracy. Years of experience in the aggregate and construction field.

Need a quote? Give us a call

We encourage people to call us to obtain a free quote on your project

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